Huaxin--Company Overview
About Us
Shanxi Huaxin Coke & Coal Industrial Group Co. Ltd.( Huaxin Group) is located in Jiaocheng Economic Development Zone, in central Shanxi province, 50 KM far away from Taiyuan which is very convenient to visit through Highway Qingdao-Yinchuan or national way No. 307. 

Huaxin Group was founded in 1998, with nowadays total assets of RMB 6 billion, collected by coal mining, coal washing, coke chemical, fertilizer, thermoelectric, trade, real estate, tourism and other related industries. With years of rapid and solid development, and with consistently faith of scientific and standardized management, now Huaxin Group has listed as key enterprise in Shanxi province, ranked as top 50 enterprises and top 10 coking enterprise in Shanxi.

Now we have more than 2,500 staff, including 120 more senior management and technical personnel, 1,200 more staff with undergraduate education background, 500 more with college background. With believe of “people-oriented”, we embrace every outstanding person who want to join us, and have built up a high-level staff team with spite of untied, efficient, dedication and innovation. Moreover, Huaxin Group always has the faith of social feedback, so year by year we donate money and goods to schools or other events, sum up to more than 20 million yuan already.

Huaxin Group focus on efficient and intensive development. In mid 2015, a fertilizer plant with ability of 180 thousand tons of ammonia, 600 thousand tons of compound fertilizer will get into operation. This huge industrial upgrading is based on recycling of coke oven gas which produced as by-product of coke plant. With this innovative using way of coke oven gas, Huaxin group can finish the “coal-coke-chemical”-the whole industrial chain, and accomplish the goal of “zero discharge” of waste materials and realize the full circulation of resources.

The steady development and reasonable industrial upgrade has brought lots kinds of honor for Huaxin Group, made Huaxin Group more respectable and influential. Looking forward to the future, we will still bold the believe of “steady, loyalty, innovation, dedication” of all personnel, keep on reforming and developing, to embrace the more brilliant tomorrow!