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Huaxin Lake
The Huaxin Lake is the first lake in Jiaocheng, and also the first aritificial late. Huaxin Group invested 120 million yuan to build 4.5 million cubilc meters lake, realising the jiaocheng folk’s dream of having a lake nearby, and also provide immediate effect of either irragation, planting trees, or entertainment and leisure.

In 2010, many kinds of birds fly over this newly built Huaxin lake everyday, even including the white swan—a kind of animals under state protection (category ii). In May 2010, Huaxin late was nominated as “Protection Base of Birds” by Deparment of Forestry, Shanxi province. In February 2011, Huaxin Lake was authorized as provincial wetland park.

Huye Temple
Huye Temple is established on August 2, 2010, located by Huaxin Lake. Huaxin Group invested 14.25 million to re-build Huye Temple, is to show our commemoration of the most famous and household person-Sir Hutu. 

Wohu Valley Ecological Forest
Wohu Valley is located near the National Nature Reserve—Pangquan Valley, where we can enjoy fresh air, clean spring, and delightful climate everyday. The valley is the most suitable place to develop ecological tourism in the future.