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Shanxi Huaxin Coke&Coal Company is established in year 1998, in 2005 after bulit-up of the latest metallurgical coke plant with annual capacity of 2 million metric tons, we change our name to Shanxi Huaxin Coke& Coal Industrial Co., Ltd. Year by year, Huaxin Coke& Coal Company relies on strict quality control, lean requirements for process, the timely improvement of technology, the effort on management, and bulid up “Huaxin Coke” as a gold brand in the industry, ranking as top 10 in Shanxi and top 50 in whole China.

The whole plant can be devided into 5 sectors, which are coal washing, coking, chemical production, thermal power, brickfield( using coal ash as matrial). Respectively, 3 million tons/year raw coal washing, 2 million tons/year of metallurgical coke coking, 70,000 tons of tar, 20,000 tons of rude benzol, 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate, purified coking gas 720 million cubic meters, 2 x 1.2 mw self-provided electric power and two sets of bolier with capacity of 130 tons.

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